Creating a list of Users on Remote Servers using Ansible

If you are tasked to create multiple users on remote users and copy the ssh keys to the remote servers. Ansible would come very handy to accomplish the tasks: The following Ansible playbook is based on the assumption: Users are not present on the remote servers SSK Keys are already create on the Ansible Control […]


Copy SSK Keys using Ansible

Lately I have been working on rolling out Ansible across the Infrastructure.  One of the step is to set up SSH key-based authentication, which would allow to set ask_pass = false. In order to accomplish this I have used the Ansible module authorized_key module which allows to add SSH authorized keys for particular user accounts. […]


Configuring vim editor for Ansible Playbook

Ansible is getting very popular for every department of IT operations. There are multiple ways to edit the plaoybook, but one of my favorite is the vim editor. Indentation is very important while working with Ansible Playbook, myself ran around while editing the playbook, so i though would need to document it around for people […]

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