Red Hat Virtualization 4.2 is now GA

Red Hat has now announced the GA of the Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) version 4.2.  The new version of RHV is Red Hat Virtualization Suite, comprised of Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat’s hybrid infrastructure management platform, offering a pre-integrated, simplified access point to open virtualization technologies combined with management.

RHV 4.2 introduced new and enhanced capabilities around:-

  • User Interface – Using the PatternFly project, RHV UI is easier to use and provides a cohesive look and feel similar to other Red Hat products.
  • Disaster Recovery – RHV provides a native site-site failover without depending on any integration with a specific storage vendor. The backend DR process is fully automated with the help of Red Hat Ansible playbooks.
  • Metrics and Logging – The new metrics and logging features deliver enhanced real-time reporting and visualization capabilities built around the Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK)
  • GPU Virtualization – RHV have the power to support more graphics and compute-intensive applications in a virtual environment using NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solution
  • Software Defined Networking – Integration with Open Virtual Network (OVN) to provide a native SDN solution through Open vSwitch.
  • High Performance VM – A new high performance VM option which makes VM possible to run at nearly bare metal speeds.
  • Cisco ACI Integration – A readily available reference architecture with Cisco ACI with RHV 4.2

Source : Red Hat


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