Introduction to AWS!!

One of the cloud vendors which I am following and working very closely is Amazon Web Services (AWS) they are the pioneer in the cloud computing that makes on-demand computing platform. As part of my job I spend significant amount of time on AWS technology so I have decided to take up one of the AWS certification. I thought it would be better to write what I learn as part of my certification preparation which would benefit other aspirants who are keen to learn technology.

So what is AWS??

Amazon Web Services is a web services platform which is offering IT services (Compute, Storage, Network, Database. etc…) on demand. The services is operated across 15 geographical location around the world and there are around 80+ services offered as on today. Following are the list of services which are available on high level and overview of the services can be found here:

A full list of services which are available in AWS and the region the services are provided can be found here.

Happy reading!!


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