vSphere 6.0 Enhancements

VMware has recently announced the GA of the next major vSphere version vSphere 6.0. Let’s see some of the enhancement available in this version:


Comparing to the previous vSphere version the scalability has dramatically increased

  • Cluster can scale up to 64 hosts
  • Support up to 8000VM’s on a single cluster
  • Support 480 Physical CPU’s , 12 TB RAM
  • VM’s will support 128 vCPU’s, 4TB RAM
  • 4 vCPU support for the Fault Tolerance with enterprise plus license

vCenter Server Enhancements:

  • vCenter architecture has been changed in this version with the introduction of Platform Service Controller (PSC). PSC includes common services used across vCloud suite and replicate the information across PSC. No more separate installation of SSO, inventory services, web client and so on, all these service are installed as a part of vCenter server installation. Now there is only two components to be installed PSC and vCenter server. One can choose the two components on same machine or different machine.
  • Since the PSC replicates all the information any new vCenter deployment would be part of linked mode. It is possible to have linked mode configuration between windows and appliance version.
  • Not the vCenter appliance supports the same no of host and VM’s as the windows version and much awaited linked mode support is available.
  • Usability and performance improvements on the vSphere Web Client and administrators can customize the UI.

vMotion Enhancement:

There is major change on the behavior of vMotion. vMotion is now possible :

  • Across virtual switch
  • Across vCenter server
  • Across long distance of up to 100ms RTT

Content Library:

It is now possible to centrally manage the VM template, ISO image and scripts with the content library. This feature guarantees that all sites have access to the approved standard templates across an entire organization


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