Troubleshooting vSphere Storage – Book

Recently I had an opportunity to perform a technical review of the book Troubleshooting vSphere Storage authored by Mike Preston and published by Packt. The book is for the people who would like to know more about  the vSphere Storage and the issue which you could come across in your vSphere environment and the way you can troubleshoot them.

This book will first give you the fundamental background knowledge of storage and virtualization. From there, you will explore the tools and techniques that you can use 2062ENto troubleshoot common storage issues in today’s data centers.

You will learn the steps to take when storage seems slow, or there is limited availability of storage. The book will go over the most common storage transport such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NFS, and explain what to do when you can’t see your storage, where to look when your storage is experiencing performance issues, and how to react when you reach capacity. You will also learn about the tools that ESXi contains to help you with this, and how to identify key issues within the many vSphere logfiles.

The book is available for purchase from Packt


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