vCloud Director 5.1 trainsignal course – My review

I have recently passed the VCP-IaaS exam and have written the resource which I have for the exam preparation here. I have mentioned about the trainsignal course which I have used for the preparation and one of the then being VMware vCloud Director 5.1 Essentials by Chris Wahl. I would like to do a quick review of the course in this post.

This course is based on vCloud 5.1 and consists of 12 lessons which run for approx 7 hrs and being the first training course for Chris Wahl he has done excellent job in the videos and explained the concept in the easily understandable manner.

The lesson which I like the most is Lesson6: An Introduction to vCloud Networking – As everyone knows the important piece of the vCloud environment is the networking. Chris has walked through the networking portion in a simple manner with some neat diagrams which make us to easily understand and walks through the process of creating each networking with few examples.

Next on my list would be the creating vCloud lab lesson – This lesson is all about creating vCloud lab based on the vCloud Director appliance and he walks through the ways we can create the labs and how to get to register and get the temporary license from vmware site. Here is lesson which is available for Free

The lesson 4 and 5 walks through the steps for installing the installing the vCloud director, the components required for the setup to complete and ends with how we access the vCloud portal and perform the initial configuration like attaching the vCenter server and creating the PvDC.

The course contains dedicated lesson for creating OrgvDC,  in the lesson explains the best practise for designing OrgvDC and how we perform the networking and storage allocation for the OrgvDC. There is lesson on Access control to vCloud and here we learn about the authentication source which can be vCloud access and integrating with LDAP. Next lesson on how to build vApp , creating catalog and given some examples of the vApp Network.

In the end Chris gives some tip on the upgrade process of the vCloud director and as bonus to this course we get to know about the vCloud Connector and how to deploy and configure the vCloud connector.

If you are satisfied with my review about the course head to trainsignal and get instant access to the course


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