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Trainsignal has recently released a course on Managing vSphere Using System Center 2012 by Jason Nash, It’s a 1hr course which consist of 2 lessons in which Jason walks through in managing and performing day to day activities on vSphere and Citrix Xen Server with with the help of Microsoft VMM

Lesson 1 : Getting started with Managing vSphere Using System Center 2012 – In this lesson Jason talks about the taken which can and cannot be performed using Microsoft VMM when managing other hypervisors, gives the reasons and benefits of running mult-hypervisor in the environment and ends this lesson with the version of Citrix and vSphere host which are compatible with  Microsoft VMM and per-requisite in adding the other hypervisors to VMM

Lesson 2 : Using Microsoft Multi-Hypervisor Management -This lesson if fully lab and in which the instructor walks through in adding vSphere host to Microsoft VMM and start administering the vSphere host using VMM and guide thorugh some of the tasks like importing templates from vSphere and using them to create new VM and migrate the VM to new storage , etc..

This training course is useful for anyone who are interested in knowing what day to day task can be done using VMM on vSphere environment.  Note that not all the tasks which are performed using vCenter are NOT available while using Microsoft VMM and one has to perform the configuration of the ESXi host before it can be actually managed using VMM. The product can be used while running multi-hypervisor in the environment.

If you are interested in the training head to Trainsignal and subscribe for a free trail period or get a unlimited to access of all the Trainsignal videos for $49 a month.

Enjoy 🙂


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